Luis Enrique orders the surveillance of his players’ nightlife

Discipline has undoubtedly been one of Luis Enrique’s main priorities as a coach. The Asturian coach has always been a guardian of order within the squad, believing that distractions can affect the team’s performance. At PSG, this has not been an exception, to the point of hiring workers to monitor the players’ nightlife, among other things.

According to information from L’Équipe, the former Spanish national team coach implemented, as a first measure, that all PSG players, without exception, sign in when entering the Poissy training ground. Respecting training times, as well as commitment, were two non-negotiable premises to try to bring the Parisian team closer to excellence. Off the field, the system is identical.

Since the beginning of the preseason, as L’Équipe emphasizes, Luis Enrique assigned an assistant the task of tracking the main nightclubs in Paris to check if any of the PSG players were partying. This employee, in turn, monitors the social media of all the footballers to try to prevent their closest environment or other distractions from tarnishing or conditioning their daily performance. Demanding measures, but in which the Asturian firmly believes.

That Luis Enrique imposes this does not mean, on the contrary, that partying, in moderation, is incompatible with players, as long as it does not affect their sporting conduct. In the summer, the former Barcelona coach told both Verratti and Neymar that they were not in his plans, something that was interpreted as being against their continued night outings that were a constraint on their full performance.

Another characteristic that defines his internal management is the emphasis on the collective over the individual. He never humiliates a player in public, never points him out, and, in addition, in press conferences he defends the entire squad to the death regardless of their form. In the summer, once he signed his two-year contract, he agreed with Al Khelaïfi that the institution was above all else, with PSG even rejecting Mbappé as an example of its policy. Without a doubt, discipline, so longed for in Paris since time immemorial, has come to stay with Luis Enrique.

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