Florentino Pérez has made a decision, his signing already has an official date: he is a striker, but not Haaland or Mbappé

Finally, after months of uncertainty, Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez has made a decision to strengthen the team’s attack, which could help alleviate the lack of goals in the squad.

Since Karim Benzema’s departure, Real Madrid has been heavily affected in front of goal, which led to names like Haaland and Mbappé being mentioned with force in all corners of the Madrid environment, but not in the mind of the Madrid president, who already has the name of his next striker.

Not Haaland, not Mbappé

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the future of the French striker, the Real Madrid structure and, above all, Florentino Pérez, have given up on signing him after the disappointments of past seasons with this player.

Now, Erling Haaland is another star striker of the moment in Europe, the Premier League’s top scorer last season, breaking the all-time record, the European Golden Boot winner and the winner of the European treble. He is a player who interests the team structure a lot, but this interest is not mutual for now and the operation seems very complicated, meaning that neither of these stars can wear white in the near future.

Local reinforcement

Real Madrid’s answer to this lack of goals is the player Joselu, from RCD Espanyol, who is already part of the Madrid squad on loan. The striker is Florentino’s option to reinforce the attack and the president himself has been shown to be convinced after the striker’s recent performances.

The player himself has shown and declared his willingness to stay on the team, and Florentino hopes that his most recent performance against Union Berlin, where he scored a brace, will help him gain the confidence that he and the team need.

Only wait remains

Without a doubt, Joselu is a surprise compared to names like Mbappé or Haaland, but he is not a bad option for Madrid. His most recent performance shows that he is a player who can be relied on, but it all depends on him.

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