PSG: Agreement Already Reached for Zaïre-Emery’s Contract Extension

At just 17 years old, he is already sorely missed by PSG when he’s not on the field. Warren Zaïre-Emery, injured after scoring his first goal with the French national team, hasn’t played since November 18th. However, there’s good news – his recovery is as swift as he is, and he’s already back in collective training. He even made a comeback in Ligue 1, playing half an hour against Nantes last Saturday.

Another piece of good news is added to Warren Zaïre-Emery’s situation, and that’s regarding his future. According to our information, there is a total agreement between the parties concerning the extension of the midfielder’s contract.

The extension has already been verbally agreed upon, and now it’s just a matter of making an official announcement. The date is of particular importance. In order to sign him to a 5-year contract, PSG must wait until his player turns 18, which will happen on March 8th. In any case, PSG is set to secure their young talent, who was originally tied to the club until 2025.

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