Lionel Messi, the Lucrative Business of His Jerseys Sold by Inter Miami

Lionel Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami marked a significant turning point in the landscape of sports commerce. As attention focuses on the commercial figures generated by global football superstars, a notable observation highlights the extraordinary success of sales of the Argentine player’s jerseys within the Major League Soccer (MLS) team in Florida.

Lionel Messi leads jersey sales in North America

The fame of Messi’s pink Inter Miami jersey has become a global object of desire, sparking unexpected enthusiasm. Naturally, it is the top-selling jersey among all players in the MLS. According to The New York Times, obtaining this garment has become increasingly difficult despite its presence in American stadiums, international markets, and even on children’s football fields in England.

Over 500,000 requests for his Inter Miami pink jersey

Messi’s impact has been such that Adidas received nearly 500,000 requests from stores and suppliers for the specific electric pink Miami jersey, known as Pantone 1895C. This high demand forced the company to increase production to meet the generated excitement.

Up to $15 million estimated to be generated by sales

According to Inter Miami’s estimates, sales of Messi’s number 10 jerseys could generate at least $15 million annually (€14 million), with each jersey sold at $200. This conservative projection is based on the proportion (around 15%) that the club would receive if 500,000 jerseys were sold in the next 12 months, relying on sales figures in Barcelona, where 2 million jerseys were sold annually. Additionally, Adidas grants Messi a royalty for each jersey sold.

One of the 15 most iconic fashion pieces of 2023

Beyond the sports world, the phenomenon of Lionel Messi’s pink jersey at Inter Miami has been recognized by Vogue as one of the 15 most notable fashion pieces of 2023. Messi’s arrival not only propelled the team on the field but also triggered an unprecedented commercial fervor, confirming his status as a major attraction in the football world.

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