Endrick Signs a Million-Dollar Contract with a Pharmaceutical Company

Endrick, the Brazilian phenomenon from Palmeiras, continues to make headlines. After being transferred to Real Madrid for a record sum, the 17-year-old striker has just signed a million-dollar contract with a pharmaceutical company. Endrick has been chosen as the new ambassador for Neosaldina, the most popular medicine brand in Brazil.

A 5-year sponsorship contract worth €2.5 million

The five-year contract will earn the player a cumulative sum of €2.5 million, translating to half a million euros annually. “Endrick represents something more than just sports,” said Carla Dias, Neosaldina’s marketing director, in a statement. “He is an example of a citizen who delivers above-average results, knows how to be effective and responsible, and lives life with lightness and a lot of humor. These are characteristics that are at the core of the Neosaldina brand.”

At 17, Endrick is already a sponsor magnet

With nearly eight million followers on social media, Endrick has become a true marketing phenomenon. He is already the ambassador for New Balance, OdontoCompany, HBO Max, and Rei do Pitacob. This new contract is further evidence of Endrick’s immense popularity, establishing him as one of the most promising players in the world.

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