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Mbappé Sneaks into Madrid’s Locker Room After Draw with Betis: “That’s Not Something He Does…”

The level displayed by the English midfielder at the beginning of this season continues to be outstanding. Over the past five months, he has proven to be the best player in the world today, even surpassing Mbappé.

Teammates are astonished at how quickly he has adapted to the team and everything surrounding Real Madrid. It seems that he is not at all intimidated by the responsibility of being one of the team’s leaders.

Yesterday, he scored another spectacular goal, creating the play himself and perfectly positioning himself for Brahim’s magic to deliver a well-placed ball behind the defense. He controlled it with his chest and elegantly finished with his right foot.

It was a goal that showcased the excellent form he is currently in. Unfortunately, it didn’t secure three points, but it did bring joy to the Madrid fans. His teammates applauded the technical quality of the move he executed for the goal.

The Number 1

“That goal, neither Mbappé nor Haaland could score…” was overheard in the Real Madrid locker room as they watched the replay on the monitors. These are different players, lacking the class and elegance of the Englishman, although they possess other virtues, of course.

While Kylian Mbappé also creates plays, he does so with a different style than Jude Bellingham. Mbappé relies more on explosiveness, whereas Jude Bellingham leans on his physical strength and polished technique.

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