The real Price Barcelona Ended Up Paying for Pedri is Revealed

Miguel Ángel Ramírez has held the presidency of UD Las Palmas since 2005, establishing himself as a key figure in the history of the Canary Islands club. However, one of the most pivotal moments of his tenure was his involvement in the negotiation that led to Pedri’s transfer to FC Barcelona. Since his arrival in Barcelona, the young Canary Islands midfielder has risen to stardom, leaving the final transfer fee in suspense due to the numerous variables surrounding the operation. In a revealing interview with Culemanía, the president of the ‘pío-pío’ shed light on the approximate amount of the transaction.

“We exceeded 20 million. I can’t provide precise details, but we crossed the 20 million euros barrier. I think it was structured in three installments of five million each, with bonuses for his international caps and other variables that I don’t have in mind at the moment… In essence, Pedri’s transfer to Barça ranges between 20 and 25 million euros,” confirmed the president of the island club.

Excellent Relations Between Clubs

Pedri’s arrival at Barcelona did not mark the end of the relationship between the two teams, as reported by MundoDeportivo. More recently, the loan of Julián Araujo was finalized during the summer transfer market, demonstrating the trust that the sporting direction of Las Palmas has in its talents. Ramírez expressed his satisfaction with Araujo’s adaptation to the team and his significant contribution: “We believed strongly in him, and his current performance justifies it. We are not worried that his success might bring him back to Barcelona. On the contrary, we are glad that Barcelona trusted us to loan him.”

These statements make it clear that there is an exceptional understanding between the two clubs, suggesting a strong and mutually beneficial relationship. Ramírez emphasized this friendly relationship by stating: “We maintain an excellent relationship with Barcelona. Given their extensive squad, sometimes they need to loan or place some players, which benefits us, of course.”

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