Real Madrid: Zidane’s setback confirmed, further than ever from a return

The return of Zinedine Zidane to Real Madrid as a coach no longer seems to be a possibility…

Expected for several years as the successor to Didier Deschamps at the helm of the French national team, Zinedine Zidane will have to wait a little longer as the current coach of the French national team has decided to continue at least until 2026 after the World Cup in Qatar. As a free agent, it was reported that only a handful of clubs were likely to interest the 1998 World Cup champion, namely Olympique de Marseille, Juventus, and of course Real Madrid, where he has already coached twice.

Ancelotti and Xabi Alonso ahead of Zidane?

However, a return to the Merengues now seems very distant. While the trend is towards a two-year extension for Carlo Ancelotti, he may not be the top choice to succeed him in the future according to Relevo. At Real Madrid, there is a great appreciation for the profile of Xabi Alonso, and there is even a belief that he will coach the vice-champion of Spain in the near future. This is bad news for Zizou…

The news of Zidane being further from a return to Real Madrid is certainly disappointing for fans and the club itself. Zidane’s successful tenure at the club in the past had raised hopes of a potential return, but it now seems that the club has different plans for its coaching staff.

Carlo Ancelotti, who is currently in charge, is set to continue for the next couple of years, and there is growing support for Xabi Alonso as a potential future coach. This development indicates that Zidane’s chances of returning to the club are diminishing.

For Zidane, this news is undoubtedly a setback. After achieving great success with Real Madrid, including multiple Champions League titles, the prospect of a return to the club where he made his mark must have been appealing. However, with the club’s current focus on other coaching options, it appears that Zidane’s return is increasingly unlikely.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Zinedine Zidane and whether he will find a coaching role at another top club. For now, it seems that his return to Real Madrid is not on the horizon, and the club is looking in a different direction for its coaching staff.

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