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Real Madrid Files Complaint Against Referee Soto Grado After Betis Match: Allegations of Serious Misconduct

In the latest Liga encounter, Real Madrid has once again found itself at odds with the officiating, this time focusing its discontent on referee Soto Grado, who presided over the match against Betis. RMTV, in a two-minute exposé circulating on social media, highlights what the club deems serious grievances.

A palpable frustration permeates the Real Madrid camp regarding the refereeing decisions in LaLiga over the past years. The club contends that certain errors have consistently worked against their favor, hindering their pursuit of the league title on occasions and costing them valuable points in others.

RMTV, unyielding in its commitment to expose contentious actions and referee errors detrimental to Real Madrid, remains steadfast. This time, their critique gains momentum ahead of what promises to be one of the most challenging fixtures of the remaining year against Betis. Soto Grado, with a track record far from favorable in recent encounters, adds an additional layer of complexity to an already arduous situation for the team based at Valdebebas.

“An official whose decisions have systematically harmed Real Madrid in recent seasons… Preventing Real Madrid from contending for the title on more than one occasion… Let’s begin with the latest Betis vs. Real Madrid, one of the crucial matches of the past season with the title on the line,” opens RMTV, setting the stage for a series of questionable decisions unbecoming of a certified referee in our country.

The errors at Villamarín were particularly egregious: “Soto Grado overlooked Ruibal’s dismissal before halftime, following a blatant punch to Camavinga, for which not even a yellow card was shown. In the second half, he failed to award an obvious penalty for the foul on Karim Benzema, and in the closing minutes, a brutal foul on Vinicius went unpunished, potentially causing severe injury to the Brazilian… A goalless draw that allowed Barcelona to extend their lead to 9 points.”

Mistakes at the Bernabéu and Camp Nou

“Earlier, in the 14th matchday against Cádiz at the Bernabéu, Soto Grado allowed excessive roughness from Cádiz players… Fali, after this aggression on Rodrigo, went inexplicably unpenalized, continuing to play. Two matchdays later, with Real Madrid leading at Villarreal and the score tied at 1-1, he awarded a penalty to Alaba for a handball that was grounded and with the intention of withdrawing it… Real Madrid lost the lead,” continues a video that garners clicks and reactions on social media. Why does the CTA choose this?

VIDEO: RMTV Takes Aim at Soto Grado

The worst came from the VAR room: “On matchday 26, the most crucial encounter arrived. Soto, in this case, was in charge of VAR and failed to intervene to expel Gavi for two assaults on Carvajal and Ceballos… But the gravest incident occurred 9 minutes from the end… Asensio scores 1-2, and Soto Grado disallows it using these surreal lines and a frame to rule it offside… Why not in this other situation where Carvajal finishes touching the ball with Asensio onside? In Kessie’s goal, Soto Grado did not flag Lewandowski’s foul on Carvajal, preceding the play… Three errors that cost Real Madrid the league.”

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