RMTV Unleashes Criticism Against Referee Martínez Munuera After Real Madrid-Granada Clash

Another La Liga match, another video from RMTV exposing the errors of Martínez Munuera against the Merengue entity, a trend that has persisted for over a year.

The upcoming match between Real Madrid and Granada has received an officiating assignment that doesn’t sit well with RMTV. The official television channel of the White Club has released a new video targeting the VAR official for the game against Granada: Martínez Munuera. The Alicante referee is a familiar name to RMTV, which has highlighted his most controversial moments against the White Team in the past.

The 20/21 season’s match between Real Madrid and Sevilla at the Alfredo di Stéfano stadium holds particular significance. According to RMTV’s video, it turned into “one of the most unjust nights remembered.” RMTV contends that the errors committed by Martínez Munuera prevented Real Madrid from securing the league title that season.

The video scrutinizes penalties given and not given by the Alicante referee. One such instance is the penalty awarded to Benzema for a foul by Bounou, initially given but later overturned after a VAR review. The reverse situation occurred with the penalty that allowed Sevilla to score their second goal in that match: the infamous handball by Militão, described by RMTV as “a bizarre action where a penalty was awarded. Unbelievable.”

RMTV’s video also revisits other controversies involving Martínez Munuera from the previous season. Vinícius was the target of several assaults, including a double slap to the back of the head by Balliu, for which the Albanian fullback received no card. RMTV criticizes Martínez Munuera for acting as “a referee who allowed harsh tackles on Vinícius, and it all ended as usual: a yellow card for the Brazilian.”

The current season’s match against Rayo Vallecano is also under RMTV’s scrutiny, as the referee allowed “harsh tackles on Rayo players. Even this elbow to Vinícius’ face, which could have resulted in expulsion: not even a yellow card.” The video points out that Martínez Munuera “that night also overlooked two penalties: one for Vinícius and another for Joselu.” The track record of this referee, who will be in the VAR for the match against Granada, is a source of considerable concern for both the Madridistas and RMTV.

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