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Barcelona’s Search for a Midfield Replacement: Fabián Ruiz or Carlos Soler?

The injury of Gavi has left Barcelona in a tricky situation, and the team is looking for a replacement in the midfield. The club had already planned to add a player in the January transfer window, but the news of Gavi’s season-long injury has increased the urgency to find a suitable replacement. The two players currently on the radar of the Catalan giants are Fabián Ruiz and Carlos Soler, both of whom are Spanish and currently play for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Fabián Ruiz, a former Betis academy player, has been a part of the PSG squad for a few years now. According to Transfermarkt, his market value is estimated at €30 million, and his contract with PSG runs until 2027. On the other hand, Carlos Soler, who spent several years at Valencia before joining PSG, has a market value of €20 million and is under contract with the French club until 2027. While both players are known for their skills in the midfield, Soler’s playing style is more similar to that of Gavi.

Despite Fabián’s higher market value, Soler may be the more feasible option for Barcelona due to his lower price tag and his similarities in playing style to Gavi. However, Fabián’s current form this season has been impressive, and he could be a more desirable option for the Catalan giants. Ultimately, the decision will come down to which player fits better with the team’s style of play and which one can make the most significant impact in the midfield.

Barcelona’s search for a midfield replacement is not just limited to Fabián and Soler. The club is likely to consider other options as well, but for now, these two players seem to be the front runners. The team’s management will have to weigh the pros and cons of each player carefully before making a final decision. With Gavi out for the rest of the season, Barcelona’s success in the midfield will depend on finding the right replacement.

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