Barcelona considers ending Pablo Torre’s loan

In the world of football, everything can change, even if there is a contract in place. In the particular case of Barcelona, it was one of the clubs that was most active in the summer transfer market. They managed to finalize the departure of several players, and one of them was Pablo Torre.

At the Catalan club, Torre was not going to have too many opportunities. So, for the sake of his career, they decided to let him go. The chosen club to receive him was Girona, who needed a young midfielder with a good profile. At that time, the outlook was positive, but everything has changed.

There has been no opportunity

The reason why the Soto de la Marina native left Xavi’s team was to find more playing time, but he has not been able to find it at Girona. So far, the player has had more minutes with the U-21 team than at the club, and this has begun to bother the Catalan board, which is considering making a definitive decision.

The fact that the midfielder has not been a starter in a single game is quite strange. In addition, he has only accumulated 196 minutes. And that is why, as reported by Barca Universal, in Barcelona they would be thinking of ending Pablo Torre’s loan if the situation does not change.

He will go to another club

Even at Barça, there is no room for Torre. This means that if the loan is terminated, he will have to go on loan to another team. In this case, it would be a club with enough space, and that actually allows the player to have enough minutes. At this point, the frustration of the young player is more than evident, but there is some hope that things will improve.

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