QSI is closely considering bringing in a new investor into PSG’s capital

The sale of a portion of Paris Saint-Germain’s capital has been imminent for the past year. Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) remains in control, but this move will bring a colossal sum of money into its coffers.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi had indicated during the World Cup hosted in Qatar that QSI was closely considering bringing in a new investor into PSG’s capital. However, the chairman of the French champions had made it clear that Doha would not abandon Paris, which was purchased in 2011 from Colony Capital for just over 50 million euros. Now valued at 4 billion euros, Paris Saint-Germain has become a global brand, even though the French champions are still chasing their first Champions League title.

This Saturday, The Athletic confirmed that new investors were preparing to acquire a minority stake. It is expected to be the American group Arctos Partners, an investment fund launched in April 2020 and based in Texas, which this week, for example, acquired shares in the Aston Martin Formula 1 team.

Marc Armstrong, Chief Revenue Officer of Paris Saint-Germain, confirmed to the English media that this entry of a new partner is progressing, but he reiterated that it is by no means a disengagement from Qatar, quite the opposite. “We have no interest in selling the club, it will be a minority participation. The owners (QSI) are more committed than ever to the club, as evidenced by the money we have spent on Poissy (the new PSG training center) and what we are willing to spend on the stadium: these are both long-term investments. It is an opportunity to take our business to the next level, particularly in key markets such as the United States (…) This company is used to investing in sports franchises, it has experience and expertise in its advisory board, and we can work together to take our business to the next level,” said the Parisian executive, who did not disclose the exact percentage of the capital that Arctos Partners will acquire. In any case, this will boost the finances of Paris Saint-Germain.

Money for Qatar or for PSG?

PSG currently has an estimated value of 4 billion euros, and to acquire the 5 to 15% of the French champions, as CBS claimed a few weeks ago, the investment fund will have to shell out between 200 and 600 million euros at the high end. A huge windfall for Qatar Sports Investments, even if not all of it will be spent on the transfer market. There are rumors that QSI intends to invest in other European clubs and even in America through PSG. Paris Saint-Germain will not be cashing in, even though its owner will clearly make a huge deal.

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