Neymar could go to jail in France

In Brazil, it was discovered that Neymar was the subject of a procedure before the labor court following the accusations of a housemaid of the player in Paris. And we are very afraid.

Everything related to Neymar has a huge impact in Brazil, and even if the star striker of the Seleçao is away from the field for several months following his knee injury, his news off the field is a hot topic. This week, Le Parisien revealed that the former PSG star was the subject of a summons before the Labor Court by one of his compatriots who accused him of having her work without declaring her.

We know that if he is to be convicted in France for this conflict between an employer and an employee, Neymar does not however risk visiting the French prisons during a possible future stay in our country. But, Brazilian law and French law are not the same, and inevitably, Neymar’s supporters are worried about this, fearing to see their favorite behind bars. Questioned by O Globo, a Brazilian labor law specialist reassured everyone.

Neymar will not rot in jail in France

Responding to Breno Angrisani, journalist for the powerful South American media, Acacio Miranda da Silva Filho, a doctor in constitutional law, reminded his compatriots that Neymar had little to fear other than a financial conviction and in no case a prison sentence.

“In France, unlike Brazil, they show a little more tact in conducting these investigations. First, they analyze whether there is any form of offense. Only then will they analyze whether there is actually a criminal offense. Therefore, based on the elements we have, the chances of Neymar being arrested in France are zero,” said the legal expert, who believes that the former number 10 of Paris Saint-Germain will have to pay what he owes the young woman and contribute to the French social security funds if he is found guilty in this case.

Neymar will therefore not exchange his yellow Brazil team jersey with a white and black striped jersey from French prisons.

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