Mbappé keeps his word and Fayza Lamari celebrates by ‘calling’ Florentino

For almost six months, his voice was not heard, but everything has an end and today there was a green light to see him talk about his future. That’s right, Kylian Mbappé keeps his word and Fayza Lamari celebrates by ‘calling’ Florentino Pérez at Real Madrid.

Half a year later, Kylian Mbappé appears. He did so publicly in a press conference with the French national team where, of course, questions about his future, Real Madrid, and PSG could not be missing. The Le Bleus forward kept his word on a key day that ended with a call from Fayza Lamari to Florentino Pérez. January 1st, getting closer.

“These are not news from the French national team. If you have this question, you have to come to the PSG training ground and I will answer it. The country comes first,” were the words of the forward when asked by the media present at a Le Bleus concentration where the chances of seeing Kylian reveal the next step in his career were up in the air. Mbappé survives a crucial day that was closely followed by a white team that took note of every syllable that came out of Fayza Lamari’s son.

Up to this point, Mbappé had done everything in his power to avoid talking about the future. He didn’t do it in the Champions League, nor in The Best, nor in a Ballon d’Or gala where he kept everyone guessing about his future. His mother has promised the Madrid intermediaries with whom she has a relationship that she would not say anything that could reveal what lies ahead… for now, she keeps her word.

Nerves and calm

Even his representative was tense about seeing Kylian against the media. Fayza Lamari knew it was going to be a date where Mbappé and the agreements of his environment with the white club were going to be put to the test like never before. The exam, passed with flying colors in every sense, has even pleased Florentino Pérez, who saw how the promises of the past are being kept.

The white club does not like at all that this topic is mentioned, mentioning Real Madrid, due to the risks of a FIFA sanction, as was demonstrated with the public statement made from Valdebebas days ago. Mbappé keeps his word, his mother too, and everything is defined in a January where the final offer from the Bernabéu will arrive to the one they want to be their new icon.

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