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Kylian Mbappé and Real Madrid, in Spain they are preparing for a divorce

Kylian Mbappé Firmly Stands His Ground at PSG

Kylian Mbappé will be out of contract at the end of the season. While Real Madrid is still interested, the Casa Blanca is no longer fixated on the French world champion.

Real Madrid is always on the lookout in the transfer market. The Madrid club wants to be able to count on the best players on the planet. For many years now, the Merengue have wanted Kylian Mbappé. But on three occasions, the French player has declined the offer. This has become frustrating for Real Madrid. However, the possibility of signing the captain of the French team as a free agent next summer is tempting, very tempting. A new game of poker is in place between all parties and it seems difficult to know how this new Mbappé saga will end. In any case, a new trend is emerging: Real Madrid is ready to definitively turn the page.

According to AS, Real Madrid is realizing that signing Mbappé would cost the club a lot of money. In addition to the signing bonus, the Merengue would have to pay 35 million euros in net salary per year to the French star. This would completely upset the established order, especially since the two highest-paid players in the club are currently David Alaba (10.8 million) and Toni Kroos (10.7 million). To make matters worse, Mbappé plays in the position occupied by Vinicius Jr, namely on the left of the attack. The Brazilian is doing well in this area of the game and putting Mbappé in his way could upset the current balance.

Finally, the prospect of going to recruit Erling Haaland is also very tempting, especially since this signing would fill a greater void after the departure of Karim Benzema. To pay for Haaland, Real Madrid will have to spend 250 million euros in 2024. But the more years pass, as stipulated in the former Dortmund player’s contract, the less they will have to pay. From January 1, 2024, in any case, Real will be able to negotiate with Mbappé and his entourage. An entourage that will still be dependent on the player’s will, who has still not made a decision if we are to believe the information from Jérôme Rothen. So, it’s back to square one and the Spanish club seems to be on the edge.

Real Madrid’s decision to move away from Mbappé is a clear indication that the club is looking to the future. The signing of Haaland, who is younger than Mbappé, would be a better long-term investment for the club. While Mbappé is undoubtedly a world-class player, his high salary demands and the potential disruption to the team’s current balance make him a less attractive option for Real Madrid. The club’s focus on Haaland also shows that they are looking to replace Karim Benzema, who has been a key player for the team for many years.

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