Barcelona: Vitor Roque is no longer a priority for winter

For the past few months, FC Barcelona’s priority was to bring Vitor Roque to the team in January. However, due to a recent injury to the player and the club’s financial situation, the plan seems to have changed, and they are now focusing on his arrival for the summer.

The Vitor Roque and FC Barcelona saga continues, with both parties interested in finalizing the transfer as soon as possible. However, the situation has taken a 180-degree turn, and there are two important reasons for this.

The first reason is that Vitor Roque is suffering from a significant injury that has kept him off the field, and bringing him to Barcelona at this time could be a risk. At the same time, it is worth noting that the Blaugrana club is still waiting for Libero, the German investment fund, to pay the agreed-upon money, which has not yet happened.

Vitor Roque’s arrival is postponed to the summer

In light of this recent situation, Barça has opted to change its course of action and be more patient with Vitor Roque’s arrival. Bringing him in at this time could be hasty and risky for the club, and Deco prefers that they proceed with caution in the Brazilian’s transfer.

Similarly, Barcelona considers that the combination of the injury and arriving at the team midway through the season could put a lot of pressure on the player, and it is best for him to adapt calmly to Xavi Hernandez’s system, as reported by Relevo.

However, in the event that Roque’s arrival is officially agreed upon for the summer transfer market, and likewise, Barça receives the corresponding money, there is a possibility that the culés will opt for a new low-cost midfielder, a prospect that the Catalan team has also been interested in for several weeks.


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