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PSG ‘unintentionally’ announces Take Kubo transfer to Real Madrid

Real Madrid have been following Take Kubo closely since the end of last season. The Japanese player has shown an evolution and football maturity that make him a very interesting player. But that is not the only thing that Florentino Pérez is looking at.

The Asian market generates a lot of revenue for European clubs that sign stars from those countries. In the case of PSG, the signing of Kang-in Lee has generated a lot of revenue. So much so that the South Korean sells the same jerseys, or even more, than Kylian Mbappé.

In physical stores and online sales, Kang-in Lee is at the top of the jersey sales list, and that is something that has surprised Paris Saint-Germain. The Parisian club made the signing for sporting reasons, but it is true that some advisors also recommended the operation for the benefits that its arrival would bring.

This is what Marc Armstrong, PSG’s revenue manager, said publicly in an interview with RMC: “It is true that since his arrival we have enjoyed commercial advantages. All signings are made for sporting reasons. However, it is true that we have benefited from important commercial advantages since his arrival.”

The Kubo case

With Real Madrid, the same would happen with the arrival of Take Kubo. The Japanese player sells a lot of jerseys for Real Sociedad, but if he signed for Real Madrid, he would start selling a lot more. Real Madrid is already very popular and followed in Asia, but if Kubo played there, the number of fans would increase.

Real Madrid’s economic advisors are recommending the operation, as they believe that the investment would be recouped in a very short time and money would begin to be generated. In addition, he is a player who would also bring a lot of resources to the attack, as he is one of the best players so far this season.

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