Niko Mihic, head doctor of Real Madrid, in trouble

Niko Mihic, head doctor of Real Madrid, has been removed from the first team by the club’s management. The main cause is the management of the Arda Güler case.

There is a whiff of crisis at Real Madrid, with internal turmoil. According to Marca and AS, the White House has sidelined Niko Mihic, who has been responsible for the club’s medical services until now, and will no longer be in charge of the first team.

The trigger would be the new injury to the gem Arda Güler. The young Turk injured his knee this summer, and the medical staff took its time before deciding whether to operate on him or not. And the former Fenerbahçe player recently suffered a muscle problem, which will postpone his big debut with Real Madrid by a month.

“But the Güler case is not the only one that has caused the departure of the Croatian doctor,” Marca explains. “Last year, there were many relapses on the part of several players. The cases of Benzema, Alaba and Ceballos, with physical problems in the same areas, had already caused several frictions between the players and the medical services, frictions that had reached the highest levels of the club.”

In office since 2017, Mihic had nevertheless been praised for his work, alongside the physical trainer Antonio Pintus, who has allowed Real Madrid to shine in recent seasons. But the end is approaching for the Croatian. “Mihic is now the victim of the wear and tear of having been in charge of the club’s medical services for so long,” AS explains.

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