Jamal Musiala’s reaction to Real Madrid transfer rumors

While everyone is talking about Kylian Mbappé, Erling Haaland, and even Alphonso Davies, another rumor is gaining traction behind the scenes at the top clubs in European football. This is Jamal Musiala’s reaction to his possible transfer to Real Madrid in the summer of 2024: “I’m going to f**k.”

Jamal Musiala’s name has been in the Real Madrid universe for years, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that everything exploded. In the midst of the boom unleashed around figures like Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappé, the Bayern Munich star is reacting to everything that is being said about his future since mid-November.

Plan B. That’s how many people consider him when talking about the end of the Mbappé saga or an Haaland that is economically impossible for Madrid. A leader of a Bayern where Thomas Tuchel is delighted with his services, the young attacking midfielder is playing it cool while his future seems to be linked to that summer of 2024, when Florentino Pérez promises great moves.

“I’m going to focus on Bayern, I have a contract here until 2026 and I’m very happy, we don’t talk about rumors,” is the reaction of the young German to everything that is said about him in recent days. Several media outlets asked him after the victory against Galatasaray if it is time to set sail for new destinations, but Jamal is currently showing no flexibility. The speculation for the moment, does not allow for winks or denials.

Crazy to renew him in Munich

The rumors not only reach the player himself, but also to a Bayern where official voices are calling for calm in the face of what would be a major loss in all senses. Real Madrid is taking note, they like Musiala and they know that the Bundesliga will do everything in their power to see their latest prodigal son stay behind closed doors in Germany. Jan Christian Dressen, general manager of the Bavarians, is blunt about the chance of seeing Musiala at clubs like Real Madrid.

“Musiala has a contract with us until 2026 and we will do everything we can to keep him. He is very important to the team…And he is one of the talents of German football. There is no need to rush the talks. We will discuss it calmly and I am convinced that it will end well,” said the manager of the Bundesliga king to make it clear that they will do everything in their power not to see Jamal go to the Bernabéu.

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