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The Mbappé response to Madrid’s statement: official in 24 hours

Qatar leaking information, Real Madrid issuing statements, France torn between two versions, and in the middle of it all, one name stands out: Kylian Mbappé. This will be the response of the French forward in 24 hours to address everything that has been said about his future in France. The Bernabéu is waiting.

What will Kylian Mbappé say about everything that has happened in the last few hours? This is one of the big questions that remains after a weekend where the saga of the century reached a new level. This will be the response of the PSG forward in the next 24 hours to answer everything that has been said about his future. Real Madrid already knows it.

Let’s quickly review. Kylian played on Friday, won the game, missed out on an Olympic goal that would have broken the internet, and seemed to go into halftime feeling calm. The opposite would happen after seeing media outlets like MARCA or El Chiringuito taking his future for granted. Even Real Madrid had to come out to deny everything to avoid problems with FIFA and just weeks before Mbappé becomes a free agent. More noise than facts, which puts the focus on tomorrow.

Why PSG will play a crucial Champions League match against Milan where they can advance to the knockout stages, or rather, where they can determine Mbappé’s future, which Qatar wants so badly. This fact translates into requests for interviews, press conferences, and many questions that, as has been happening since June, will not allow Kylian to speak officially or publicly.

Resounding silence

Mbappé has been consistently refusing to meet with the press. Not even the Ballon d’Or or the French national team has been a safe place to discuss his future. After 48 hours of media frenzy, we will see the same approach to protect a young man who does not want to publicly commit to a decision months before the big decision.

That will be his official response to the statement issued by Real Madrid on Saturday regarding his possible signing. Nothing will change the way a forward acts, as only a 180-degree turn will make him face the microphones. The white team knows this and is waiting for January 1st to start the real strategy that the Bernabéu is eagerly anticipating.

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