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Ancelotti benched Kepa before boarding the plane to Barcelona: he told him to his face

In games like this, it is crucial to dominate in both areas, as it is where errors and successes occur that determine the final outcome of the match. That’s why goalkeepers always have a crucial role, and Ancelotti wanted to talk to his goalkeeper to make sure he is prepared.

“Don’t be afraid to come out, we need you outside the posts too, you can do it,” Ancelotti told the goalkeeper. He also gave him encouragement and confidence to face the match. It is essential that he feels secure because only in this way can his performance be decisive.

In games like this, many goalkeepers get nervous, but there are others who thrive. Ancelotti believes that Kepa can belong to the second group, which is why he had that conversation. He reminded him that he has to be in constant communication with Rüdiger and Alaba to have complete control of the six-yard box.

It is true that the goalkeeper has made some mistakes at the start of this season, especially in aerial exits and passes with his feet, but he has also been important in some matches where his saves have been crucial.

Full confidence

All his teammates feel secure with him, especially the defenders, who need to be most coordinated with their goalkeeper. In recent training sessions, they have been talking a lot about the type of game they will encounter in the box, which is why they have been practicing Kepa’s punch clearances.

Nevertheless, Rüdiger and Alaba have promised to be very attentive to the six-yard box to clear as many balls as possible, especially those from corners.

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