Le Bayern Munich Fears the Worst for Manuel Neuer

Injured for almost a year, Manuel Neuer has been sorely missed by Bayern Munich. However, his injury, which was expected to keep him off the field for seven months, has been longer than anticipated. While he is set to make his return, the German club is far from relaxed about the situation.

The wait has been excruciating for Neuer. More than 10 months after breaking his leg while on vacation skiing, just a few days after Germany’s elimination from the World Cup, Manuel Neuer finally seems fit to play a football match. This comes as great news for Bayern Munich, which has struggled in recent months without their German goalkeeper. Neuer’s return was originally planned for the end of last season, prompting the Bavarian club to bring in Yann Sommer as a temporary replacement for only six months, hoping to have Neuer back for the beginning of this season.

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However, the German goalkeeper’s injury did not heal as expected, and his absence extended for several more months. According to “l’Équipe,” although Neuer was sidelined last season, he still had quite a few ups and downs. He had several clashes with his former coach Julian Nagelsmann and also slowly severed ties with former president Oliver Kahn. This Saturday, the 37-year-old goalkeeper is expected to make his grand return in an official match against Darmstadt. While this is good news for Thomas Tuchel, who expressed his joy in a press conference about Neuer’s return, Bayern Munich is also concerned.

A single injury could mean the end.

Throughout the summer, Neuer’s return was repeatedly delayed. The reason? While the player was eager to get back on the field, his body kept relapsing, not guaranteeing him good physical condition. So Bayern Munich, who recruited the young Israeli hopeful Daniel Peretz to avoid benching Neuer, decided to take their time. According to information from Kicker and the German press, if Manuel Neuer were to relapse again with another serious injury, he would be forced to retire.

Since the beginning of his career, the former Schalke 04 goalkeeper has suffered two metatarsal fractures and a tibia fracture. These are far from insignificant injuries that have significantly damaged his body. While, according to the French newspaper, Manuel Neuer plans to play for another three seasons to reach the age of 40, his club is considering all scenarios, including an early retirement. In fact, the German legend has yet to extend his contract, which expires in the summer of 2024. This is further evidence that the German club fears the worst for their goalkeeper. We will get a first glimpse of the situation this Saturday at 3:30 PM.

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