‘The Times’ announces that FIFA could close the Bernabéu: a tough blow

Spain shares the hosting rights with Morocco for the 2030 World Cup. The main idea is for the Santiago Bernabéu to be the venue for the final, as it is considered the best stadium in the world. However, Morocco is pressuring for the final to be played on their territory.

This is what The Times reports, stating that for now, the final will be played at the Bernabéu, but the final decision will be made by FIFA. The leadership of Real Madrid is not too concerned about Morocco’s insistence. They believe that the final will be held at the best stadium in the world, as the conditions are in their favor.

The Bernabéu is located in the center of Madrid and will be fully equipped to host an event of this magnitude. Naturally, there will be other clubs like Barcelona, who will compete to challenge Real Madrid. In fact, Laporta has hinted that the final should be played at the Spotify Camp Nou, as it will have the highest seating capacity in Spain. However, that is not the only factor that FIFA takes into account. It is also important to consider that the Spanish national team has not played an official match at the Camp Nou for many years due to existing political issues.

The best option

If FIFA acts coherently, the Santiago Bernabéu will be the venue for the final of the 2030 World Cup. This would be a great event for Madrid and Spain as a whole. It promises to be an exciting competition, especially if the Spanish national team manages to qualify for the final rounds.

The opportunity to play the World Cup final in your own country is a unique experience. It is true that it is very challenging, considering the presence of strong national teams, but Spain has several young talents who can improve significantly in the coming years.

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