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The New Book by Mbappé Will Be Controversial: Released Soon and Talks About Real Madrid

Kylian Mbappé is once again at the center of all rumors, with his potential move to Real Madrid in 2024. The Frenchman will fulfill his dream of playing at the Bernabéu and put an end to all the ongoing speculation very soon.

January 1st marks the first key date in the Mbappé saga and his potential transfer to Real Madrid. It is the day when he will be completely free from PSG and can officially negotiate with Real Madrid. It is a second attempt at what happened in 2021, as this summer there was really nothing concrete, and it wasn’t even considered at Valdebebas.

The rumor is once again the target of all media attention, and Mbappé himself continues to fuel it. He has released a book, endorsed by himself, in which he talks about Real Madrid and the ties he has with the club.

Signed by Nicolas Gettliffe and produced by Talent Sport, the book is set to be released on October 25th (in just a few days) and is not without controversy, as there are pages completely dedicated to the white club.

All his Madrid memories

Everything has been leaked through social media, and the cover already reveals a photo of Toni Kroos, the name of Zinedine Zidane, and Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as recalling his visit to Valdebebas when he was a child and had the opportunity to sign for Real Madrid.

No one forgets about Mbappé’s room, where all his Madrid memories are displayed, and no one forgets that now, it is solely in his hands to sign for Real Madrid. Lowering himself to leave as a free agent is the “forgiveness” that many Madridistas need to accept him and confirm him as the heir to CR7 at the Bernabéu.

Mbappé’s book is set to spark controversy and further fuel the rumors surrounding his potential move to Real Madrid. With the release of this book, it is clear that Mbappé wants to keep the speculation alive and maintain the excitement among fans. Only time will tell if his dream of playing for Real Madrid will come true, but one thing is for sure, the anticipation and buzz surrounding this potential transfer will continue to grow until a final decision is made.

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