Real Madrid fear the worst with Bellingham: they want him to leave the Bernabeu

Real Madrid are extremely pleased to have signed Jude Bellingham. The young midfielder has become one of the team’s stars, and the fans are in love with him. He has earned their admiration through hard work, personality, charisma, as well as his quality and goals.

If it were up to them, they would offer him a lifelong contract, and the player would also be delighted to stay at the club for many years. In fact, he recently stated that his intention is to stay at Real Madrid for 10 or 15 years. This will depend on his performance and consistency, but also on him staying in that position. This is something that concerns the leadership at Real Madrid.

The player faced a lot of pressure from Premier League clubs who wanted him to return to play in his home country. However, Jude chose to play for the greatest club in the history of football. But once he signed for Real Madrid, that intention did not cease. In fact, after the matches he played for the England national team, he was asked about the possibility of moving to the Premier League.

The player completely dismisses this option, at least for now. Nevertheless, the joke is there and will likely continue for the next few years, especially if the young player’s performance continues to be outstanding.

A future legend

Jude Bellingham is impressing the entire football world. In his home country, people are also amazed by the improvement he has shown since joining Real Madrid. They believe he can make a mark at the world’s best club, as well as in the English national team. That’s why they want to enjoy watching him in the Bundesliga.

Real Madrid will do everything possible to keep him at the club for many years. This continuity is not in danger because the release clause is impossible to meet, and also because the player has just arrived and is very happy with his teammates, the fans, and the life he leads in Madrid.

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