Juventus and Newcastle have turned their attention towards Kalvin Phillips

The recent sanctions imposed on Juventus’ Fagioli and Newcastle’s Tonali due to their involvement in betting activities have compelled both clubs to actively seek reinforcements in the midfield position. In light of this, Juventus and Newcastle have turned their attention towards Kalvin Phillips, a talented player currently with Manchester City, arcording to Todofichajes.

During his time at Leeds, Phillips showcased exceptional skills as a midfielder, particularly excelling as an incredible pivot with the ability to intercept opponents’ passes and display impressive ball control. These qualities have undoubtedly caught the attention of Juventus and Newcastle, who are now considering Phillips as a potential replacement for their banned players.

One key advantage that Phillips brings to the table is his affordability. With a market value of 28 million euros, according to Transfermarkt, Phillips represents a financially feasible option for both Juventus and Newcastle. This factor is crucial, especially considering the financial constraints that clubs often face in the transfer market. By opting for Phillips, both clubs can acquire a quality player without stretching their budgets excessively.

Furthermore, Phillips’ contract with Manchester City is set to expire in 2028, indicating that he could potentially be available for a transfer. This presents an opportunity for Juventus and Newcastle to negotiate a deal that suits all parties involved. Given the circumstances surrounding Fagioli and Tonali, securing a replacement player like Phillips would not only address the immediate void in their squads but also provide long-term stability in the midfield position.

Juventus and Newcastle’s interest in Phillips also sheds light on the player’s underappreciated abilities. While Rodrigo Hernández has been the preferred choice in Manchester City’s midfield, Phillips has quietly continued to develop his skills and prove his worth. His versatility, defensive prowess, and ability to contribute to the team’s attacking play make him an attractive prospect for any club in need of a reliable midfielder.

The pursuit of Kalvin Phillips by both Juventus and Newcastle as a solution to their midfield bans is a testament to the player’s undeniable talent and potential. Phillips’ impressive performances at Leeds have not gone unnoticed, and his affordability, coupled with his contract situation, make him an enticing option for both clubs. As negotiations unfold, it will be interesting to see which club can secure the services of this promising midfielder and how he will contribute to their respective teams in the future.

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