Alarm Neymar in Brazil: suffers a serious knee sprain… and it could be worse

Neymar has once again suffered an injury. The Brazilian footballer was carried off on a stretcher after a foul by De la Cruz as the first half of the Uruguay-Brazil match was coming to an end. The Canarinha’s number 10 quickly grabbed the inside of his knee, and the worst fears were confirmed when Diniz immediately called Richarlison.

The Al-Hilal player covered his face, but his teammates’ gestures were not hopeful. After leaving the field with the help of the medical staff and on a stretcher, Neymar tried to enter the dressing room tunnel on foot, but his expressions of pain were evident as he limped noticeably.

According to reports in Brazil, after the initial examination, Neymar has suffered a serious knee sprain… but it could be much worse. The doctors from the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) will perform further tests on the number 10 to see how affected the ligaments in his left knee are, which means the injury could be even more severe. For now, Neymar left the stadium with his leg completely immobilized and used crutches to avoid putting weight on the injured knee.

Brazil’s doctor, Rodrigo Lasmar, chose to be cautious when evaluating the case: “It could be a significant sprain, but we have conducted all the tests. These 24 hours will be important to see how the knee responds, the swelling it presents, and the imaging tests that will determine a definitive diagnosis. It is too early to tell if it is a ligament injury. Let’s wait calmly for the exams.”

First knee injury in Neymar’s career

Until now, the Brazilian forward had never suffered a knee injury. He had accumulated ailments in both quadriceps and hamstrings, ankles, ribs, and back… But never in the area that forced him to withdraw from the match against Uruguay. Neymar had gone 424 days without being able to play since 2020 due to injuries.

He had returned to the Brazilian national team for this call-up. This new injury sets off all the alarms in the Canarinha. His injury history does not invite optimism, and all of Brazil fears the length of time their star will be sidelined, especially if the ligaments are affected.

Neymar after his injury: “In his heart, a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps”

After being injured, Neymar shared a religious message on his Instagram stories.

“This was the verse I shared from the match… ‘In his heart, a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.’ Proverbs 16:9. God knows all things. All honor and glory are always yours, my God, no matter what. I have faith,” Neymar shared with his more than 215 million followers on Instagram.

Casemiro: “Neymar keeps getting injured, injured, injured, and just when he starts to find his rhythm, there’s another one”

Casemiro confirmed that he couldn’t see his teammate in the dressing room after the match, but he hopes that the severity of the injury is as minimal as possible: “He is a very important player for us, we have a great affection for him. He keeps getting injured, injured, injured, and just when he starts to find his rhythm, there’s another one. I hope it’s nothing serious.”

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