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Inter: Yann Sommer Settles Scores with Bayern Munich

On January 19, 2023, Yann Sommer arrived at Bayern Munich to fill in for the long-term injury of Manuel Neuer. The Swiss international goalkeeper ended up spending only six months with the Bavarian club before joining Inter Milan for a fee of 6.8 million euros. Now settled in Italy, the Swiss shot-stopper has reflected on his time at Bayern Munich. In an interview with Blick, Sommer made it clear that his transfer to the Bavarian side is not something he will remember fondly.

“It was extremely complicated at Bayern with layoffs, a lot of uncertainty, and many off-field issues. I learned from the inside how things work at Bayern. The media starts harshly criticizing two players and then two others. At some point, it’s your turn. But I never tried to defend myself publicly. The most important thing is that I always tried to focus on my performances and help the team achieve its goals. In the end, that’s what I managed to do,” evaluated the Swiss goalkeeper.

“It was a bit uncomfortable, I won’t deny it. It leaves its mark, for sure. Criticism is part of my job, and I can live with it, but when it’s not constructive, it’s harder to take something from it. I can judge for myself if I played a good match or not, but I’m not bothered when someone has a respectful opinion and expresses it publicly. Everyone has the right to speak up,” added the former Basel player.

Sommer’s comments shed light on the challenges he faced during his short stint at Bayern Munich. The club’s internal issues, along with media scrutiny and criticism, created a difficult environment for the goalkeeper. Despite the circumstances, Sommer remained focused on his performances and helping the team achieve its objectives.

The goalkeeper’s remarks also highlight the importance of constructive criticism in the world of professional sports. While criticism is inevitable, it is crucial for it to be respectful and aimed at helping players improve. Sommer acknowledged that he can assess his own performances and welcomes opinions expressed in a respectful manner.

Overall, Yann Sommer’s time at Bayern Munich may not have been the most positive experience for him, but he managed to navigate the challenges and maintain his focus on the pitch. Now at Inter Milan, he looks forward to new opportunities and a fresh start in his career.

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