Hellas Verona Seeks to Secure Isak Hien’s Future with New Contract

Hellas Verona, the Italian football club, is determined to secure the future of their talented defender, Isak Hien. Despite interest from Racing Club Strasbourg during the last summer transfer window, Hien remained committed to his current club. Now, with his contract set to expire in June 2026, discussions are underway between the player and the club’s management to discuss his future.

According to reports from TMW, Hellas Verona is in talks with the Swedish international regarding a new contract that would extend his stay at the club until June 2028. Hien, who has made five appearances for the team so far this season, is keen to include a release clause in his new contract.

This move by Hellas Verona reflects their determination to retain one of their key defensive assets. Isak Hien has proven himself to be an integral part of the team, showcasing his abilities and contributing to their success on the pitch. With his performances catching the attention of other clubs, Hellas Verona is taking proactive measures to secure his services for the long term.

The inclusion of a release clause in Hien’s contract would provide a safeguard for both the player and the club. It would allow Hien to explore potential opportunities if they arise in the future, while also ensuring that Hellas Verona receives fair compensation should he decide to move on.

The negotiations between Isak Hien and Hellas Verona’s management highlight the club’s commitment to building a strong and competitive squad. By securing the services of their key players, the club aims to maintain stability and continuity within the team. This approach not only strengthens their chances of success on the field but also enhances their reputation as an attractive destination for talented players.

As the discussions continue, it remains to be seen whether Isak Hien will agree to the proposed contract extension. However, Hellas Verona’s efforts to secure his future demonstrate their ambition and commitment to building a team capable of competing at the highest level.

Hellas Verona is actively seeking to extend Isak Hien’s contract in order to secure his future at the club. With negotiations underway and the inclusion of a release clause being considered, the club is taking proactive measures to retain one of their key defensive players. This move reflects Hellas Verona’s ambition and commitment to building a competitive and successful team.

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