Le Real Madrid Reveals the Secret, Will Mbappé Leave PSG?

As a member of the board of directors of Real Madrid, José Manuel Otero has spoken out about the situation of Kylian Mbappé, whose contract with PSG expires next June. And he does not hesitate to express his confidence in the signing of the French striker at the end of the season. But will Kylian Mbappé commit to the Spanish club after his contract expires?

After a tumultuous summer, Kylian Mbappé was reintegrated into the PSG squad in August. However, he did not extend his contract, which expires next June, which obviously raises doubts about his future in Paris in the medium term. Real Madrid still wishes to attract him and could come back in January to resume discussions for a free signing at the end of the season. And a Madrid executive may have revealed the secret.

“Mbappé, I have confidence in his arrival”

Indeed, in comments reported by AS, José Manuel Otero, a member of the board of directors of Real Madrid, assures that “Mbappé, I have confidence in his arrival. He will achieve glory when he comes to Real Madrid. Madrid guarantees security, a seriousness that brings results. I hope he says yes when he becomes a free player. Mbappé was born to play for Real Madrid, of course (…) Zidane came at the age of 29, Mbappé will come at the age of 25. He will have many years with us.” He also commented on the failed arrival of the PSG striker this summer. “To come, he would have had to give up high bonuses already agreed with PSG. In addition, there would have been a transfer fee. The amount that would have been paid to have Mbappé one year earlier was crazy. It made no sense to sign Mbappé one year earlier,” adds José Manuel Otero.

The Mbappé case will continue to be discussed

This statement once again raises questions about Kylian Mbappé’s future, as he will be allowed to negotiate with the club of his choice from January 1st in order to join them for free next season, unless he extends his contract before then, of course. Therefore, there is no doubt that the Mbappé case will continue to be discussed in the coming days. The question remains whether PSG will once again succeed in beating Real Madrid in this never-ending saga… or perhaps not.

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