Fabrizio Romano announces an offer to a Real Madrid player: “The figure is insane”

This summer, several players from Real Madrid received offers, and some of them came from Saudi Arabia. This country is investing heavily in football, which is why they made a huge offer for Luka Modric. The Croatian midfielder could have left for free and earned a lot of money, but he chose to stay.

This news came out in the summer, and now Fabrizio Romano has confirmed it, although he hasn’t revealed the exact figure the player would receive. However, he refers to it as “truly crazy,” so it could be close to the rumored 200 million that was discussed this past summer.

There is no doubt that Luka Modric loves Real Madrid. After so many years of experiencing good and bad moments, the Madrid legend has a strong bond with the club, the fans, and the city. That is why he has always prioritized staying with the club rather than earning more money elsewhere.

Now, in the twilight of his career, the offer from Saudi Arabia was truly tempting, but Luka believed he could still perform at the highest level for another year. Since Real Madrid offered him the opportunity to continue for one more year, he didn’t even think twice about it.

The midfielder is currently playing his last season at Real Madrid. His role in the team has completely changed, and he is hardly getting any minutes on the pitch. This has left Modric frustrated. He believes that the club and Ancelotti are not fulfilling their promise, as supposedly they told him that if he renewed his contract, he would have the same importance as in the previous season.

However, Modric’s frustration does not negatively affect his teammates. He is a professional player who has the utmost respect for Ancelotti and the club, and he always puts the entity above everything else. He will try to enjoy his remaining games to the fullest, and afterwards, he will likely accept some astronomical offer from an exotic league.

Luka Modric’s loyalty to Real Madrid is unquestionable. Despite receiving a tempting offer from Saudi Arabia, he chose to stay because of his love for the club. However, his final season has not gone as expected, and he feels let down by the club’s promises. Nevertheless, Modric remains a professional and will continue to give his best until the end.

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