‘El Chiringuito’ announces Mbappé’s move to Madrid and quotes Florentino: “In three months”

The Parisian star has to choose his destination in January. Real Madrid wants him to sign his contract in the first half of the month and does not plan to wait the entire season. They want to avoid the same mistake they made in 2022.

For now, the player has not renewed his contract. At Real Madrid, they are confident that he will maintain his desire to leave in the summer, but they are aware that Paris Saint-Germain will put a lot of pressure on him in the coming months. The thing is, Madrid is not going to fall for that again, which is why they have given Kylian Mbappé an ultimatum.

And it’s not just the Madrid entity that has done so, but El Chiringuito has also issued a warning to the forward. “Three months is the time you have, Mbappé, three months to make the best decision of your life. Put an end to this tiresome movie. Slam the door in the face of PSG’s failed projects… What are you waiting for? To miss more opportunities to win the Ballon d’Or? The Madridismo will forgive you because they know that their future depends on you. You are the best, but to become a legend, remember your dream,” said Juanfe Sanz through a video that was published on the program’s social media.

Furthermore, at the end of the statement, the journalist used a fragment of Florentino Pérez’s phrase, when he said “this Mbappé, as I call him…”, and then added, “he is indeed my Mbappé,” in the event that the Frenchman chooses to move to the best club in the world.

There is a lot of calmness at Real Madrid regarding this matter. Having set a deadline makes things much easier for the club and puts all the responsibility on Kylian Mbappé. If the player does not sign in January, they will focus on signing other great players who are willing to make history at Real Madrid.

This time could indeed be the last opportunity for the Parisian star to fulfill his childhood dream. Time is passing, and there are players who are surpassing him, so if he does not change clubs soon, his career could stagnate.

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