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Asensio leaves PSG in a bad position and compares it to Madrid: even Mbappé knows it

Paris Saint-Germain has had a very poor start to the season. They are currently fifth in Ligue 1 and recently suffered a 4-1 defeat against Newcastle in the Champions League. Luis Enrique’s team has been inconsistent, and Marco Asensio is beginning to experience the “cold” that exists outside of Madrid.

The Balearic player is currently sidelined due to injury and has missed the last five matches. However, he is working hard to return to the team as soon as possible. He is concerned because in these matches, PSG has only managed to secure two victories, while losing two and drawing one of the remaining games.

Asensio acknowledges that he has experienced similar or even worse moments during his time at Real Madrid, but they always managed to overcome them. In fact, he has tried to have conversations with his teammates about this in order to lift their spirits and establish a positive dynamic. In this sense, one could say that he is assuming a leadership role.

Even Kylian Mbappé himself has been eager to listen attentively to Marco Asensio, as he knows that the player is well acquainted with the philosophy and winning mentality of Real Madrid. This mentality allows the team to rise up when all their opponents have written them off.

The greatness of Real Madrid

In situations like these, everyone looks to and tries to learn from the greatest club in the history of football. Real Madrid has always displayed an impressive philosophy that both inspires and teaches the importance of constantly surpassing oneself, regardless of the adversity faced.

In life, there are many situations where the mentality that Real Madrid instills in its players is necessary in order to move forward. The same applies to sports, and Marco Asensio is not mistaken in using Real Madrid as an example to overcome a bad spell in one’s sporting career.

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