“El Chiringuito” Confirms Luka Modric’s Departure from Real Madrid

The future of Luka Modric at Real Madrid is becoming increasingly distant. Age is a fundamental factor, but above all, what is influencing his decision is the change in his role this season. This could lead to his departure in the winter.

According to Eduardo Inda, a journalist from El Chiringuito, the Croatian midfielder had a conversation with Carlo Ancelotti about the situation he is experiencing this season at the club. So far, he has not adapted to his new role, as he wants to have more prominence and feels that he still has the ability to do so.

“If everything remains the same, I’m leaving,” were the words he allegedly said to the Italian coach, according to Inda’s information. The truth is that judging by the expressions and gestures Modric has shown in recent games, it seems quite believable.

He did not say it in a disrespectful manner, quite the opposite. The competitive mentality of the Real Madrid player makes him believe that he can still achieve important things in elite football, although it is very likely that his next destination will be an exotic league.

Real Madrid is aware that his departure in the winter is a possibility, and they have no intention of putting any obstacles in his way. They believe that the legend has earned the right to decide his own destiny, especially if his role is secondary.

The wide range of resources in the midfield allows the Madrid club to afford to part ways with a player of Luka Modric’s quality. It would be a very painful farewell that everyone would prefer to have at the end of the season, but Modric’s impatience may accelerate the separation.

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