Olympique Lyonnais: Nuamah’s transfer should be investigated by FIFA

The transfer of Ernest Nuamah to Olympique Lyonnais did not go unnoticed this summer. Recruited by the Rhône club, the Ghanaian winger was actually bought by Molenbeek, who then loaned him to the Gones for a season. According to L’Equipe, at the request of several French clubs, FIFA has taken up the case and will open an “information follow-up”.

As a club in the Eagle Football galaxy like OL, Molenbeek spent 25 million euros to recruit Ernest Nuamah from FC Nordsjælland. Thanks to this mechanism, OL was able to bypass the restrictions imposed by the DNCG, as the club is subject to a framework for transfer fees and salary mass.

According to L’Equipe, the Lyon executives had asked for the approval of the DNCG and FIFA in advance. The international body would have supported the transaction with the Belgian federation but is expected to soon take up the matter, at the request of several French clubs.
This Sunday, Ernest Nuamah participated in OL’s match, which lost on the field of Reims (2-0) during the seventh matchday of Ligue 1. Bottom of the table with only two points, the club led by John Textor is going through a sporting crisis at the start of the season. The executive has even issued a statement to the supporters where he hinted at reinforcements during the winter transfer window.

The transfer market is always a hot topic in the football world, and the recent transfer of Ernest Nuamah to OL has raised some eyebrows. The Ghanaian winger was initially bought by Molenbeek, a club in the Eagle Football galaxy, for a hefty sum of 25 million euros. However, instead of staying with Molenbeek, Nuamah was immediately loaned out to OL for the duration of the season.

This transfer has caught the attention of several French clubs, who have raised concerns about the legality and transparency of the deal. As a result, FIFA has decided to open an investigation into the matter, following the request made by these clubs. This move by FIFA reflects the importance of ensuring fair play and compliance with regulations in the world of football.

One of the main issues raised by this transfer is the alleged circumvention of the DNCG framework. The DNCG (Direction Nationale du Contrôle de Gestion) is the financial watchdog of French football clubs, responsible for monitoring the financial health and stability of these clubs. It imposes restrictions on transfer fees and wage bills to prevent clubs from overspending and potentially facing financial difficulties.

OL, being subject to the DNCG framework, was expected to seek approval from the regulatory body before finalizing the transfer. According to reports, the Lyon executives did indeed approach the DNCG and FIFA for their consent. It is believed that FIFA supported the transaction with the Belgian federation, but the recent developments have prompted FIFA to take a closer look at the case.

The outcome of this investigation could have significant implications for both OL and Molenbeek. If it is found that the transfer was conducted in violation of the rules and regulations, both clubs could face severe penalties, including fines and potential transfer bans. Additionally, the reputation of the clubs and the individuals involved could be tarnished, leading to a loss of trust from fans and sponsors.

On the sporting front, OL is currently going through a difficult period. The team’s recent loss to Reims further highlights their struggles, as they find themselves at the bottom of the Ligue 1 table with only two points. The club’s executive, John Textor, has acknowledged the need for reinforcements during the upcoming winter transfer window, suggesting that the situation is dire.

The transfer of Ernest Nuamah to OL has raised concerns and prompted FIFA to launch an investigation. The alleged circumvention of the DNCG framework and the potential consequences for both clubs involved make this a significant case in the football world. As fans and observers, we can only wait for the outcome of the investigation and hope for a fair resolution that upholds the integrity of the game.

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