“Superdeporte” includes Madrid in the Negreira case

The Spanish anti-Real Madrid sentiment has led many fans and even members of some clubs to criticize Real Madrid instead of focusing on the current scandal, which is the Negreira case. The colleagues at Superdeporte have placed Real Madrid alongside the case.

They have done so through a front page in which they report on the bribery charges against Barcelona and two of its former presidents. They also comment on everything the judge has stated in the case’s ruling.

Coincidentally, on the left side, at the same level as Negreira, the Real Madrid crest appears, along with a brief text describing the defensive frailty with which Carlo Ancelotti’s team travels to Girona.
The Barcelona crest is nowhere to be found. At least they included it in the headline; otherwise, it would be surreal. The worst part is that this doesn’t come as a surprise because Superdeporte is one of the most anti-Real Madrid Spanish media outlets.

They never learn

The treatment they give to Barcelona is completely different. The same goes for Valencia, which generally always receives different treatment compared to Real Madrid when it comes to Barcelona. This has been seen in the sale of some players, where Real Madrid was asked for more money than the Blaugrana club.

If this continues, they will have no choice but to criticize FC Barcelona. The payments are there, and no one can deny them. Now it’s a matter of finding out the reasons behind those payments and where that money ended up.

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