Arsenal’s Midfield Dilemma: Potential Replacements for Jorginho and Thomas Partey

In the upcoming winter transfer window, Arsenal will face the departure of two of their midfielders, Jorginho and Thomas Partey. It seems that Mikel Arteta does not consider them as part of his plans and they both have expressed their desire to leave the club in the next transfer window. This raises an important question for the Gunners: who will fill the void left by these two pivotal players?

Looking to the Spanish LaLiga, there are two players who seem to perfectly fit the criteria set by Arteta to strengthen Arsenal’s squad midway through the season: Martin Zubimendi and Guido Rodríguez.

The Gunners have reportedly intensified their contacts with Zubimendi’s club, Real Sociedad. However, a potential deal depends on whether or not Real Sociedad is willing to lower their current asking price, which stands at a staggering €60 million. If an agreement cannot be reached, Arsenal will have to turn to their Plan B, which is Guido Rodríguez from Real Betis. While Rodríguez might have an easier path out of Betis, it remains to be seen if he will accept a contract renewal or not. If he extends his contract before January, Real Betis may have a stronger bargaining position, demanding at least €50 million for the Argentine midfielder.

Regardless of the outcome, both Real Sociedad and Real Betis cannot rest easy knowing that Arsenal has set their sights on these two talented players. The Gunners possess the financial capability to pursue not only one, but both of these transfers if necessary.

The potential arrival of either Zubimendi or Rodríguez would present an interesting dynamic for Arsenal’s midfield. Zubimendi, a young and promising talent, has shown great potential at Real Sociedad. His technical skills, vision, and ability to break up play could greatly benefit Arteta’s side. On the other hand, Rodríguez brings a wealth of experience and defensive solidity. His physicality, tactical awareness, and ability to shield the backline would provide Arsenal with a much-needed defensive presence in midfield.

It is important to note that the departure of Jorginho and Partey would undoubtedly leave a void in Arsenal’s midfield. Jorginho’s composure on the ball and ability to dictate the tempo of the game, coupled with Partey’s athleticism and box-to-box capabilities, have been crucial to the Gunners’ style of play. Therefore, the task of finding suitable replacements is not an easy one.

However, if Arsenal can successfully secure the services of either Zubimendi or Rodríguez, it would not only bolster their midfield options but also add a new dimension to the team. The arrival of a LaLiga midfielder would bring a different style of play and tactical awareness, which could potentially enhance Arsenal’s overall performance.

The impending departures of Jorginho and Thomas Partey present a challenging situation for Arsenal. However, the potential acquisitions of Martin Zubimendi or Guido Rodríguez could offer a solution to Arteta’s midfield dilemma. Whether it is through negotiations with Real Sociedad or Real Betis, Arsenal has the financial means to pursue these transfers. Ultimately, the addition of either player would bring a fresh perspective to the Gunners’ midfield, contributing to the team’s overall improvement.

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