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Fayza Lamari, Rebuking Mbappé for the Madrid Incident During the Break: “You Will Regret It”

Fayza Lamari, Rebuking Mbappé for the Madrid Incident During the Break: "You Will Regret It"

Fayza Lamari holds a significant position in Kylian Mbappé’s inner circle, as she is both his mother and his representative. She was also the person who attempted to facilitate his transfer to Real Madrid in the recent transfer window, although the French player did not decide in favor of the move.

Kylian’s mother tried to resolve the situation during the summer, but it was impossible as Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) never wavered in their demand for a fee of no less than 150 million euros for the player. The French club remained inflexible, leaving Real Madrid with little room to negotiate.

Nevertheless, they agreed to stay in Paris and honor the contract, but during the recent break, Fayza reminded her son that he would eventually “regret” his decision, according to Defensa Central. Mbappé’s mother believed it was a mistake to “sign so late” and that time would prove her right.

Therefore, Fayza is far from pleased with her son’s decision and does not hesitate to remind him of it whenever the topic arises: “In the end, we will regret not being able to join Madrid earlier.” This statement suggests that she is leaving the possibility open for his arrival at the Spanish capital in 2024.

Despite this, the player’s intention remains to see out his contract with PSG, although he has not completely ruled out the possibility of renewing it. Fayza’s position is clear, and she will try to convince her son in the coming months that joining Real Madrid would be the right decision.

The wait continues

Real Madrid is still keeping a distance from the situation and will fully engage in the operation starting in January. The club remains confident that they can finally fulfill their long-standing dream and secure the signing of the next number 9 for the team.

The saga surrounding Kylian Mbappé’s potential move to Real Madrid has been a topic of great interest and speculation for quite some time. The young French forward has been a sensation in the football world, showcasing his immense talent and potential at PSG. His performances have caught the attention of top clubs across Europe, and Real Madrid has been at the forefront of the rumors.

Fayza Lamari’s involvement in her son’s career adds an intriguing dynamic to the story. As both his mother and representative, she plays a crucial role in shaping his decisions and guiding his career. Her attempt to facilitate a move to Real Madrid during the last transfer window highlights her belief in the Spanish club’s potential and the opportunities it could offer her son.

However, the negotiations hit a roadblock as PSG remained firm in their valuation of Mbappé. The French club’s unwillingness to budge on their asking price ultimately prevented the transfer from materializing. Despite this setback, Fayza continues to express her dissatisfaction with her son’s decision to stay in Paris. She firmly believes that joining Real Madrid would have been the right move, and time will prove her point.

Kylian Mbappé, on the other hand, has chosen to honor his contract with PSG, at least for now. While he has not completely ruled out the possibility of renewing his contract or joining Real Madrid in the future, his focus remains on his current club. As one of the most promising young talents in world football, Mbappé’s future is a subject of great speculation, and his decision will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the football landscape.

Real Madrid, known for their historical success and their ability to attract top talent, continues to monitor the situation closely. The club’s interest in Mbappé is no secret, and they are patiently waiting for the opportunity to make their move. With the next transfer window approaching, Real Madrid will likely intensify their efforts to secure the signing of the talented French forward.

The ongoing saga surrounding Kylian Mbappé’s potential move to Real Madrid has captivated football fans around the world. The involvement of Fayza Lamari, as both his mother and representative, adds an intriguing dimension to the story. While Mbappé has chosen to stay at PSG for now, his future remains uncertain, and the possibility of a move to Real Madrid still lingers. As the months go by, fans and pundits alike will eagerly wait to see how this compelling narrative unfolds.

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