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The PSG Shoots Itself in the Foot with Mbappé and Makes it Official: Unexpected Help for Madrid

Kylian Mbappé’s contract renewal with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) remains in limbo. Despite public ultimatums from Nasser Al Khelaifi, the Parisian star has achieved what he set out to do, although the club is not giving up.

This summer, PSG removed Mbappé from the homepage of their website in an attempt to force him to make a decision about his future, but they were unsuccessful. In the end, the player promised to forgo his loyalty bonus in exchange for leaving as a free agent in 2024.

Now, as they try to renew his contract, they have once again placed their star on the homepage, but not as before, where he had all the spotlight. He is now positioned at the same level as Marquinhos, Lee Kang-in, and Dembélé. The main protagonist of the poster is Luis Enrique.

This move by the club may work against them, considering Mbappé’s ego. The player wants to be the protagonist and leader of a project. For two seasons, he has had to see how, on many occasions, he has been placed behind Leo Messi or even Neymar Jr, and this time could have been different.

But it is also true that the Parisian club has tried to completely change its image this summer, both in front of the fans and the football world. The message they want to convey is that nothing and no one is above the club. That’s why they treated Mbappé the way they did, even though they had no choice but to reintegrate him into the squad later on.

Kylian Mbappé never said he wanted to leave the club; on the contrary, he always expressed his desire to fulfill his contract. When they sidelined the player and didn’t take him on the tour, Mbappé’s image was tarnished, but the club’s image suffered even more. Both parties had to sit down and reach an agreement to calm the situation. After this pact, the Parisian club is confident in renewing the player, but he remains firm in his stance.

The situation between PSG and Mbappé has become a delicate one. On one hand, the club wants to assert its authority and show that no player is bigger than the institution. On the other hand, Mbappé desires recognition and a central role in the team. This clash of egos could have significant consequences for both parties involved.

For PSG, losing Mbappé would be a massive blow. He is one of the most talented players in the world and has been instrumental in the club’s success in recent years. His departure would leave a void that would be difficult to fill. Moreover, it would send a message to other players that PSG is not the ideal destination for those seeking recognition and prominence.

On the other hand, if Mbappé decides to leave, Real Madrid seems to be the most likely destination. The Spanish giants have long been admirers of the French forward and have the financial resources to make a blockbuster transfer happen. This would undoubtedly strengthen Madrid’s squad and weaken PSG’s, creating an unexpected advantage for the Spanish team.

PSG’s handling of the Mbappé situation has been less than ideal. While they tried to assert their authority and show that no player is indispensable, they may have inadvertently pushed Mbappé closer to the exit door. The player’s desire for recognition and a central role in the team is not being met, and this could ultimately lead to his departure. If that happens, Real Madrid stands to benefit greatly from PSG’s misstep. Only time will tell how this saga unfolds, but one thing is for sure: the stakes are high for both PSG and Mbappé.

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