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The Athletic Club of Bilbao determined to pay Mikel Oyarzabal’s release clause

As we mentioned  on TodoFichajes, Mikel Oyarzabal has become the main target for Athletic Bilbao for the upcoming season. Since the new board arrived at Ibaigane, they haven’t made any notable moves in the transfer market, and their president, Jon Uriarte, wants to make a big impact in the boardroom.

Initially, the player is very committed to Real Sociedad, but he knows that he has reached his peak at the Basque club and is looking for new challenges. It seems that the Premier League is also closely following the Eibar-born player, as his €60 million release clause makes him an attractive signing.

Nevertheless, Bilbao is waiting patiently and although they are willing to pay the €60 million, they know that the final decision lies with the player, who has not yet decided on his future for the next season.

On the other hand, Real Sociedad is aware of the interest from both Athletic Bilbao and several Premier League clubs, and they have approached Oyarzabal’s agent in an attempt to increase his release clause, but so far, they have not received a response.

The potential transfer of Mikel Oyarzabal to Athletic Bilbao has generated a lot of excitement among the fans. The prospect of seeing him wear the red and white jersey and play alongside other talented Basque players is a dream for many. However, it is important to consider the player’s perspective and his desire for new challenges.

Oyarzabal has been a key figure for Real Sociedad, and his performances have caught the attention of clubs across Europe. It is not surprising that the Premier League clubs are also interested in his services, considering the quality he brings to the field.

For Athletic Bilbao, signing Oyarzabal would be a statement of intent. It would show their ambition to compete at the highest level and their determination to bring back success to the club. However, they must be prepared to meet the player’s demands and convince him that joining them is the right move for his career.

Real Sociedad, on the other hand, will do everything in their power to keep Oyarzabal at the club. They understand the importance of his presence and the impact he has on the team. Negotiating a new contract with an increased release clause could be their strategy to ward off potential suitors.

In the end, the decision lies with Mikel Oyarzabal. He must weigh his options carefully and consider what is best for his career. Both Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad offer unique opportunities, and it will be interesting to see which path he chooses.

As fans, we can only hope that Oyarzabal makes a decision that will benefit both himself and the clubs involved. Regardless of where he ends up, there is no doubt that he will continue to be a force to be reckoned with on the football field.

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