The unknown facet of Gerard Piqué as a waiter: “He was the shadow owner”

Gerard Piqué, renowned for his exceptional football career and his contributions to the sport, recently revealed a lesser-known aspect of his life during a live Twitch stream with popular streamer Ibai Llanos. The former footballer reminisced about his time in Zaragoza, where he not only made a name for himself on the pitch but also explored his passion for nightlife. Piqué’s unexpected role as a DJ and bartender at a local bar, “El Buscón,” adds another layer to his already fascinating journey.

During his early days in Zaragoza, Piqué found solace in the vibrant streets of the city’s historic district, known as the Casco Viejo. It was here that he discovered “El Buscón,” a cozy and discreet bar that became his go-to spot. With a mischievous chuckle, Piqué wondered if the establishment still exists today, as it holds countless memories from his formative years.

Piqué’s anecdotes shed light on his multifaceted nature. Despite being a rising star in Spanish football, he embraced the opportunity to immerse himself in the local nightlife scene. The bar, it seems, became a sanctuary where he could escape the pressures of professional football and indulge in his passion for music.

The ex-Barcelona player admitted that he was more than just a customer at “El Buscón.” He revealed that he took on various roles, from serving drinks to curating the perfect playlist as a DJ. Piqué humorously referred to himself as the “owner in the shadows,” implying that he held a significant influence behind the scenes. The revelation didn’t come as a surprise to Ibai Llanos, who shared a deep friendship with Piqué.

Piqué’s involvement in the nightlife industry showcases his versatility and adaptability. While his primary focus was undoubtedly football, he managed to find a balance between his professional and personal life. This ability to navigate different spheres is a testament to his character and determination.

The story of Piqué’s secret life as a bartender and DJ highlights the importance of embracing diverse experiences. It serves as a reminder that individuals can excel in multiple areas, even beyond their chosen careers. Piqué’s willingness to explore his passions beyond football is an inspiration to aspiring athletes and professionals alike.

Gerard Piqué’s revelation about his hidden talents as a bartender and DJ adds another intriguing chapter to his remarkable journey. From his early days in Zaragoza to his illustrious football career, Piqué has proven time and again that he is not just a footballer but a multifaceted individual with a thirst for life. His ability to balance his professional commitments with his personal passions is a testament to his character. As fans, we eagerly await more stories from Piqué’s fascinating life, both on and off the pitch.

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