Unleashing the Potential: The Multi-Billion Euro Business of Ligue-1 and the Indispensable Role of Mbappé

The world of sports and entertainment is no stranger to lucrative deals and jaw-dropping figures. In the realm of football, one league is making waves with its ambitious plans to reach a staggering 1 billion euros in revenue. We are talking about Ligue-1, the premier football league in France, which has recently put its audiovisual rights up for sale for the next cycle spanning from 2024 to 2029.

In a strategic move, the Ligue-1 authorities have reduced the rights into two distinct packages. The first package, dubbed the “premium” package, includes three select matches and has been valued at a whopping 530 million euros. The second package encompasses the remaining matches and is priced at 270 million euros. These figures, as impressive as they may be, only account for the domestic market. The international rights will be marketed separately, further adding to the potential revenue.

To achieve their ambitious goal of reaching 1 billion euros, the continuity of one player becomes vital – the young and talented Kylian Mbappé. 2Playbook reports that the presence of Mbappé not only adds value to the league but also plays a crucial role in finalizing the agreement. The Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP), which currently generates 624 million euros in TV revenue from its partners Canal+, Amazon, and Free, aims to increase this figure by 28% with the introduction of the two new rights packages.

Let’s delve into the specifics of these packages. The premium package, valued at 530 million euros, grants broadcasters the opportunity to choose from the first, second, and fourth matches of each round for codistribution. This package is designed to showcase the most relevant and captivating matches of every game week. On the other hand, the “100% Ligue-1” package, priced at 270 million euros, exclusively covers the remaining six matches, with the fourth match also being available for codistribution, while the other two matches are broadcasted on a delayed basis.

Broadcasters interested in acquiring these rights have until October 17th to submit their offers. The Ligue-2, the second tier of French football, will also be sold in two separate packages. The LFP has set a base price of 39 million euros for these rights. The first package includes the two premium matches of each round exclusively, while the second package comprises the remaining seven matches exclusively, along with the two premium matches on a delayed basis. The first package is valued at 26 million euros, while the second package is valued at 13 million euros.

Once the domestic deals are finalized, the international rights will hit the market, with the Ligue-1 aiming to generate an annual revenue of 200 million euros. The LFP is particularly optimistic about expanding its presence in the North American market, capitalizing on the excitement surrounding the 2026 World Cup. To achieve this, they have partnered with the agency rEvolution, with whom they signed an agreement in May to explore business opportunities in the region. It is evident that the presence of Mbappé, a rising star and a symbol of the Ligue-1, is indispensable in this endeavor.

The business potential of Ligue-1 is reaching unprecedented heights. With the sale of audiovisual rights in France and the subsequent international deals, the league aims to generate a staggering 1 billion euros in revenue. The strategic division of rights into two packages, the involvement of top broadcasters, and the indispensable presence of Mbappé all contribute to the allure and value of this venture. As the deadline for offers approaches, the world eagerly awaits the outcome of these negotiations, which could reshape the future of football broadcasting and further solidify Ligue-1’s position as a global powerhouse in the world of sports.

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