Unveiling the Intrigue: The Alleged Phone Hacking Scandal Surrounding Jennifer Hermoso

Minister Criticizes President's Inappropriate Gesture Towards Female Footballer: Calls for Apology and Respect

The soccer world has been rocked by the recent resignation of Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish Football Federation, amid allegations of inappropriate behavior towards Jennifer Hermoso, a prominent player. In a recent interview with journalist Piers Morgan, Rubiales vehemently denied any wrongdoing, claiming to be “a good guy.” However, Veronica Boquete, a former Spanish international, has now come forward with shocking revelations that could potentially tarnish Rubiales’ reputation even further.

In an exclusive interview with the esteemed German publication Der Spiegel, Boquete alleges that Hermoso’s phone was hacked by the Spanish Football Federation itself. This startling claim suggests a calculated attempt to discredit Hermoso and protect Rubiales from the consequences of his actions. Boquete asserts that the Federation gained unauthorized access to personal photos and videos stored on Hermoso’s phone, subsequently leaking selected content to the public in a deliberate effort to attack the victim.

“We knew there were no rules. Jenni’s cell phone was hacked.” The goal ? Discredit the player and save Rubiales. “They had access to photos and videos. Then, elements that could be used to attack the victim were disclosed,” she assures.

Among the leaked material was a video that circulated in the press, capturing Hermoso and her teammates seemingly amused by the situation as they discussed Rubiales’ forced kiss on the national team bus. Boquete reveals that there were also instances where the players expressed their genuine concern, acknowledging the gravity of the incident and emphasizing that such behavior should not be tolerated. It appears that Rubiales, who had been prohibited by FIFA from contacting Hermoso directly, resorted to alternative means to manipulate the narrative surrounding the incident.

“There are also other times when the players say that this is something very serious that cannot be tolerated. Since FIFA had banned Rubiales from contacting Jenni, he then looked for other means,” she said.

The allegations of phone hacking and subsequent manipulation of private information have ignited a firestorm of controversy within Spanish football. The implications of such actions, if proven true, are deeply troubling. The invasion of privacy and the calculated attempt to undermine a player’s reputation raise serious questions about the integrity of the Spanish Football Federation and its leadership.

The fallout from this scandal is far from over. As the public demands answers and accountability, it is crucial for a thorough investigation to be conducted to determine the veracity of Boquete’s claims. The consequences of such illicit activities, if substantiated, could have far-reaching implications for the future of Spanish football and the reputation of those involved.

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