800 million contract and it is official until 2029: Mbappé has done it again

French football has witnessed a groundbreaking moment as Kylian Mbappé, the talented forward of Paris Saint-Germain , has secured an official contract extension until 2029, worth a staggering 800 million euros. This monumental deal, which has captivated the attention of nations, states, and football clubs alike, underscores the immense impact Mbappé has had on the footballing landscape.

The saga surrounding Mbappé’s future has become a matter of national importance, with heads of states, prime ministers, and even entire leagues eagerly awaiting the outcome of this captivating narrative. The magnitude of this contract extension, which spans over a decade, is unprecedented in the football world, with reports already circulating about the potential for similar astronomical figures should Mbappé join Real Madrid in the future.

The French Press Agency(AFP) reports that the television broadcasting rights for Ligue 1 matches from 2024 to 2029 have been valued at a remarkable 800 million euros per season for the French market. Such an astronomical sum would not have been possible without the retention of Mbappé’s services. The negotiations surrounding this deal had even caused delays in a tournament that eagerly anticipates PSG’s decision regarding Mbappé’s dream move to the Bernabéu. This record-breaking contract not only signifies a new era for French football but also highlights the potential for increased television rights prices in Ligue 1, a market that has never witnessed such figures before.

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While this contract is undoubtedly a lucrative deal for French football, it falls just short of the desired target of surpassing the 1 billion euro mark. The Ligue 1 had hoped to achieve this milestone through the sale of broadcasting rights, which are now secured until 2029. However, the possibility of Mbappé joining Real Madrid remains a tantalizing prospect, keeping the dream alive for football enthusiasts. The shortfall of 200 million euros in the deal can be attributed to international TV networks that cannot guarantee the presence of Mbappé or the long-term commercial viability of the league without him. Nevertheless, this landmark agreement has breathed new life into French football, thanks to their prodigal son, and sets the stage for a potentially even more lucrative negotiation in 2029.

This record-breaking contract extension for Kylian Mbappé signifies a turning point in French football, propelling it onto the global stage with an unprecedented deal that has captivated the world’s attention. The impact of this agreement extends far beyond the boundaries of the football pitch, as it paves the way for future negotiations and establishes a new benchmark for player contracts.

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