Juventus set to offer new deal to Dusan Vlahovic

In a strategic move aimed at solidifying their attacking prowess, Juventus Football Club is reportedly set to offer an enticing new deal to their young and talented striker, Dusan Vlahovic. This news comes in the wake of recent reports suggesting that the Turin-based club had contemplated parting ways with the 23-year-old during the summer transfer window.

According to reputable sources, such as Gazzetta dello Sport, Juventus intends to present Vlahovic with a one-year contract extension, effectively extending his tenure with the club until 2027. The proposed extension not only demonstrates the club’s unwavering faith in the player’s abilities but also serves as a testament to their long-term vision.

In addition to securing Vlahovic’s future at the club, the new deal is expected to bring about a significant increase in the player’s annual wage. Currently earning €7 million per season, the Serbian forward stands to see his salary rise to a staggering €10 million, with the potential to reach €12.5 million in the final year of the proposed contract. This substantial increase in remuneration highlights Juventus’ recognition of Vlahovic’s immense potential and his pivotal role in their future success.

Beyond the financial aspects, this contract extension serves a dual purpose for Juventus. By spreading the cost of Vlahovic’s €81 million transfer fee over a longer period, the club aims to alleviate the annual burden on their financial accounts. This strategic approach not only demonstrates the club’s astute financial planning but also underscores their commitment to building a sustainable and competitive squad.

As Juventus continues to position themselves as a formidable force in European football, securing the services of promising talents like Dusan Vlahovic is crucial. With his impressive goal-scoring record and ability to thrive under pressure, Vlahovic has proven himself as a valuable asset. This contract extension not only solidifies his position within the club but also sends a clear message to their rivals that Juventus is determined to maintain their dominance.

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