ESPN’s Rodrigo Fáez announces who will be Real Madrid’s coach next year

The future of Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid seems uncertain, as reports suggest that the Italian coach may not continue beyond his contract expiry in 2024. With an alleged verbal agreement with the Brazilian national team, Ancelotti may be looking to cap off his career by coaching one of the world’s greatest footballing nations. As a result, Real Madrid is already considering potential replacements, and one name that has emerged as a frontrunner is Xabi Alonso, According to the information handled by Rodrigo Fáez, an ESPN journalist.

Xabi Alonso’s coaching journey has been impressive thus far, with his current stint at Bayern Leverkusen earning him recognition as a top-class coach. Despite recently signing a contract extension with the German club, Alonso is reportedly keen on the opportunity to join the best club in the world. His time at Bayern Leverkusen has showcased his ability to manage and develop a team, making him a desirable candidate for Real Madrid.

Alonso’s history with Real Madrid adds another layer of intrigue to the potential appointment. Having worn the iconic white shirt for six seasons as a player, Alonso understands the club’s values, traditions, and expectations. This intimate knowledge of the club’s inner workings can be a valuable asset in maintaining the team’s identity and ensuring a seamless transition from Ancelotti’s tenure.

According to insiders at the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Alonso was regarded as the standout performer during a coaching course attended by esteemed football figures such as Raúl González and Xavi Hernández. His tactical acumen and innovative ideas were deemed superior even to those of Xavi Hernández, who was ranked second. This recognition further solidifies Alonso’s potential as a future top-tier coach and a worthy candidate for Real Madrid.

If Alonso does indeed join Real Madrid in 2024, it would set the stage for a captivating clash between two former teammates and midfield maestros. Alonso’s era at Real Madrid coincided with the intense rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid, adding an extra layer of excitement to his potential appointment. However, it is worth noting that Alonso and Xavi Hernández also enjoyed a close camaraderie during their time together in the Spanish national team, contributing to the team’s success. Their professional relationship could potentially bring a fresh dynamic to Real Madrid’s coaching setup.

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