Unleashing the Potential: Xavi’s Roadmap for Joao Félix’s Success

In the fast-paced world of football, decisions are often made swiftly, leaving little time for players and coaches to truly get to know each other. The signing of Joao Félix was no exception, as it had been in the works for months before his arrival. President Joan Laporta’s unwavering determination to bring Félix to the team was evident, and now it is up to Xavi to extract the best version of the Portuguese international, something that Simeone could only achieve sporadically.

For Xavi, this presents an enormous challenge, one that he is more than willing to embrace. He has already planned the steps to be taken once the international break concludes. The first order of business is to have an in-depth conversation with Félix, where he will clarify that he never opposed his arrival. It is not true that Xavi did not want Félix; on the contrary, he considers him a game-changing player. However, given the club’s financial limitations in the transfer market, Xavi believed that there were other positions that required immediate reinforcement, such as the right-back position. With the confirmed departures of Dembélé, Ansu Fati, and Abde, Xavi welcomed Félix with open arms, fully aware of the necessity to add talent to the attacking line.

Starting from Scratch

Despite joining the team as a high-profile signing, Xavi will make it clear to Félix that, like everyone else, he must earn his place through daily hard work in training. Up until now, Xavi has only had the opportunity to coach Félix in one session, the last one before the trip to Pamplona to face Osasuna. This limited time together has not allowed Xavi to gather the necessary information to help Félix showcase his true potential.

Numerous Possibilities

Xavi’s willingness to help Félix succeed is unwavering, recognizing him as a player who can make a difference and elevate the team’s performance. This was evident when Félix made his debut at El Sadar, playing in the false winger position, a role typically occupied by Gavi. Initially, Xavi believes this is where Félix can thrive the most, but he is open to changing his opinion after having the pending conversation and listening to the player.

Furthermore, Xavi believes that Félix can greatly contribute to the team by playing as an interior, forming part of the midfield diamond, always with an attacking mindset. He also does not rule out making adjustments to ensure Félix’s best fit and understands that Félix possesses the necessary qualities to operate behind Robert Lewandowski. Ultimately, Xavi is ready to embrace the challenge of helping the Portuguese international rediscover his true potential, with Félix serving as his greatest ally in this endeavor.

Unleashing Joao Félix’s Full Potential

In conclusion, Xavi’s roadmap for Joao Félix’s success is a testament to his commitment as a coach. The upcoming conversations and training sessions will serve as the foundation for a fruitful partnership between the two. As Xavi aims to extract the best version of Félix, his open-mindedness and willingness to adapt tactics will be key. With Félix’s undeniable talent and Xavi’s guidance, the stage is set for a remarkable transformation. The footballing world eagerly awaits the emergence of a revitalized Joao Félix, ready to leave his mark on the pitch once again.


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