Spanish FA Chief’s Mother Goes on Hunger Strike in Support of Son Amidst Controversy

The recent controversy surrounding Spanish Football Association chief Luis Rubiales has taken a dramatic turn as his mother, Angeles Bejar, has locked herself inside a church and embarked on a hunger strike to protest what she calls the “inhumane witch-hunt” against her son. This bold and unconventional act has garnered significant attention and has further intensified the ongoing debate surrounding Rubiales’ actions.

The controversy stems from Rubiales’ decision to kiss Spain player Jenni Hermoso on the lips following their Women’s World Cup triumph. While Rubiales has faced criticism and was provisionally suspended by FIFA, his mother firmly believes that her son has been unfairly targeted and subjected to undue scrutiny. Bejar’s hunger strike, which she has declared as “indefinite, day and night,” is her way of demanding justice and raising awareness about what she perceives as an unjust treatment of her son.

In her plea for justice, Bejar has also urged Hermoso to “tell the truth” regarding the incident. The player has claimed that the kiss was not consensual, contradicting Rubiales’ account. Bejar’s insistence on the truth highlights the conflicting narratives surrounding the incident and adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing saga. She questions why her son is being subjected to such cruelty and emphasizes that he is “incapable of harming anyone.”

The situation took a dramatic turn when Bejar sought refuge in the Divina Pastora church in Motril, southern Spain. Reports suggest that she entered the church early in the morning and concealed herself until her family members arrived with bottles of water. The family’s attempt to communicate with Bejar was met with police presence, preventing the media from following them inside the church. This unexpected turn of events has only intensified the public’s curiosity and concern regarding Rubiales’ predicament.

Rubiales, who is currently staying in Motril with his daughters, has received support from friends who are standing by him throughout this challenging period. The fact that he hails from Motril and has a strong connection to the community adds another layer of significance to the unfolding events. As the Spanish football federation holds urgent meetings to discuss Rubiales’ future in his post, the situation remains uncertain and highly debated.

Luis Rubiales’ cousin, Vanesa Ruiz Bejar, spoke on behalf of the family outside the church, expressing their anguish and frustration. She emphasized the unfairness of Rubiales being condemned without a fair trial and pleaded for privacy, asserting that the evidence, including videos and audio recordings, will speak for itself. In a direct message to Hermoso, Vanesa urged her to “tell the truth” and questioned the inconsistency in her version of events.

The unfolding drama surrounding Luis Rubiales and the support shown by his mother through her hunger strike have captivated the public’s attention. As the controversy continues to divide opinions, it is clear that this is a complex and emotionally charged situation. The ultimate resolution and the impact it will have on Rubiales’ career and reputation remain uncertain, but the actions of his mother have certainly added a new dimension to the ongoing saga.

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