Motril Residents Rally in Support of Luis Rubiales Amidst His Mother’s Hunger Strike

Motril, a coastal city in Granada, witnessed a gathering of around 200 residents who came together to express their solidarity with Luis Rubiales. The demonstration took place in front of the Divina Pastora parish, where Rubiales’ mother initiated an indefinite hunger strike on Monday. This act of protest serves as a powerful show of support for Rubiales, who was recently suspended as the president of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (Spanish Football Federation) by FIFA. The suspension came after Rubiales stated that he would not resign and defended his controversial kiss with Jennifer Hermoso, asserting that it was consensual.

The rally, organized by a group of Rubiales’ supporters, saw participants holding signs that read “Stop the witch hunt against Rubiales” and “Jenni, why don’t you tell the truth?” These messages, disseminated through social media, emphasized the importance of maintaining utmost respect for those with differing opinions. The Motril Local Police cordoned off the Capuchinos neighborhood street, where the church is located, to facilitate the peaceful demonstration.

According to police sources, approximately 200 people gathered at the rally. Among them were also residents who voiced their support for Hermoso’s stance. However, the event concluded without any incidents, as the participants dispersed peacefully. Vanesa Ruiz Béjar, Rubiales’ cousin, emotionally expressed her indignation to reporters, highlighting her belief that her cousin is a “very good person.”

Ruiz Béjar further elaborated on the motives behind the demonstration, stating that jealousy towards Rubiales has persisted for many years, and some individuals are determined to undermine him. She emphasized that the current situation has left Rubiales devastated, particularly due to his mother’s hunger strike. In a state of shock, his mother seems impervious to reason, pondering what her son has done wrong when the kiss was consensual and occurred in a moment of euphoria during a World Cup match. Ruiz Béjar questioned whether such an act could truly be classified as sexual harassment. Nevertheless, she acknowledged that Rubiales made a mistake and displayed inappropriate behavior in the VIP box following the victory.

According to Ruiz Béjar, a global “witch hunt” is underway, causing the entire world to hang its head in shame. Since the beginning of her hunger strike on Monday morning, Rubiales’ cousin has emphasized their sole desire for Hermoso to tell the truth and explain why she changed her statement three times regarding the incident. She argued that they are facing an unjust campaign of harassment and condemnation in their coastal city of Motril.

The demonstration in Motril serves as a testament to the deep-rooted support for Luis Rubiales within the community. The residents’ united front sends a clear message that they stand by his side, demanding fairness and truthfulness amidst the ongoing controversy. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how these events will impact the future of Rubiales’ career and the broader footballing landscape.

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